Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Nova Scotia here I come....

Im excited. I'm flying off to Canada on saturday for two weeks. The centrepeice of the trip is the wedding of one of my best buddies from home life: Tom Johns aka Johnsey.
I've know the lad for a good few years now, drunk many a beer with him, surfed the odd wave, and climbed a good number of esoteric Somerset routes. He's been a ski bum since leaving school over 5 years ago, and is now based in Canada where he is marrying his lady love Lacey Jane Morse from Nova Scotia. Four of us shirelings are flying out to take part in festivities. It's got all the makings of a good old jaunt into the realms of nostalgia and lots of alcohol. Dreamy.

As for the Fort: my car is back on the road with a new clutch. Its driving like a charm now. I'm waiting for the invoice so am not sure if I should be happy with the garage or not!
As predicted, the weekend was very, very wet. Not a huge problem because I sat around and finished The Deathly Hallows. Emotional stuff. I went for a good run on sunday in the pissing rain, over Cow Hill to the Glen, along the West Highland Way and then back up the road from the 'unkown loch'. About 10km and felt good. Just got to keep it up for the OMM. On monday and tuesday (today) I've been bouldering down the Glen after work. I discovered the Sky Pilot area last night. Inspiring to the max. About 40 degrees overhanging all the way. Shit. Lots of strength required for those beasts. But a totally beatutiful place just at the base of the top teir of High Crag, looking out over the ring of Steall, so I'm pretty motivated to get strong! Looking forward to cold, fresh, breezy weekend before winter kicks in with a crash pad, no midges and a flask of tea. Mind you it'll be a while until I'm climbing V9!
Today I went to the Cameron Stone and did NDDB, a V2 next a Jazzamatazz. Its pretty wee but on fairly small holds on a steep wall (for me) so I was pleased. I still can't fathom the mantle at the end of a Dram For Donald (V4), otherwise I can do it!

I'll try to keep you up to date while on the other side.

Photo's aren't uploading the noo.


jon.marshall said...
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jon.marshall said...

Cool. How is Nova Scotia? How was your MC role at the wedding?
The Sheriff