Saturday, 11 August 2007

My car is dead. Long live my car.

Its been a good week one way and another. I've been on a chainsaw course all week, near Lochaline in Morvern. Bloody miles away, but a nice place its fair to say. It didn't rain too much, and in fact it was far too warm some times due to the thick protective trousers, gloves, boots and helmet. Sweaty betty.
A well felled tree. Nice.
I managed a bit of a boulder on Tuesday night, did a good V3 highball slab under Cavalry Buttress, I forget the name but it was fun, if a bit eliminate. Played a bit on the Cameron Stone too.
Jones came up to the Fort on wednesday eve and its been really nice showing her round. Looking forward to her next visit. Along with my housemate Miriam and her sister, Jones went up the Ben on Thursday while I was cutting down trees. It didn't rain so I think they enjoyed it. It is a bloody boring slog though.
A bad thing happened yesterday when the clutch in my car burnt out (or something like that, I don't know much about engines). Bummer. I had to get towed from Lochaline to Fort William, a 120 mile round trip for the pick up lorry. £70. Shit. its in the garage awaiting work.
That meant no car for the evening when I had hoped to head down the glen with Jones and climb an easy classic route or two. We decided to adventure outwards anyhow and ended out walking across Cow Hill into the Glen, then hitching to Polldubh and back. We did Pine Tree Wall on the buttress of the same name. A very nice two pitch Severe next to The Gutter. It was fucking midgy down at the bottom of the crag and Jones looked pleased to get to the halfway belay with a bit of a breeze.

Pine Tree Wall and Jones hiding from the midge: The Gutter is the obvious crack system, Pine Tree Wall takes the left arete and slabs left of the crack. Pitch 2 goes up the skyline ridge.

No dice this weekend. Its been properly shitting down all day. Hopefully the car will get fixed soon and I'll be able to go out a few eveings this week.
What fun.

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