Friday, 3 July 2015

Two days of Summer

Circumstances finally came together  to merit exploring a local riverside micro-crag above a deep pool last night (i.e. two days with temperatures above 15 degrees).  If you've ever driven into Strathconon from Contin you'll have driven past it, just right of the wee bridge after the turn off to Glenmarksie. I forgot to pack a belay device and discovered that down-jumarring is possible but a pain in the arse.

By the time I'd scoped a line and given it a scrub the black clouds had gathered and it was pouring with rain, but the steepness and trees at the top kept it dry, and it was pretty easy, maybe Font 5/Brit 5b?  It was so much fun I ran round and set up the camera to record a second lap.  If there's more hot weather I'll scrub some more lines as there's more to do.

Conon Wall from Gareth Marshall on Vimeo.