Sunday, 1 February 2015


Very little to report on the climbing front of late.  There seemed to be no respite from the January storms, so when the boulders weren't wet from rain they were wet from snow. Not to worry though, I've been busy creating things:

The nearly-finished shed board.  Not long after I took this photo I boarded over more of the rafter space where the campus rungs are to make a bit more height.  The remaining holds are waiting on a delivery of more T-nuts and bolts before they can go on, and then with the addition of a few more shit screw-ons for feet it'll be done.

I spent most of today cleaning up this bit of Easter Ross esoterica to produce a couple of just off-vertical granite crystal teetering beauties.  I've not tried them yet as they were still damp post-clean and that wasn't going to change in today's watery sunshine, but I think they might be tricky.