Saturday, 4 February 2012


I spent much of the week obsessing about The Seer.  Trying to remember the intricate foot sequences around the crux,  the direction to clip at each bolt, where I might be able to squeeze out a rest.

Friday's forecast looked amazing so I went round the houses to find a belayer.  Admin and faff threatened to intervene, but eventually the stars aligned, and I found myself heading up through the wasteland of ex-forest once again.  A clear blue sky and crisp February air, hard frost in the shade, golden warmed rock in the sun.  It's was on.
Moy Rock in perfect winter conditions.
Knowing it might be a while until weather allowed a re-match, I wrote down the crux sequence after my first try of The Seer.  Luckliy it didn't take as long as feared, and as sad as it may be, it worked.  

Seeing off The Seer.  One project down, three to go.

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