Sunday, 15 January 2012

Winter Sunshine

At last, a weekend with some good weather.

A quick hit at Laggan allowed time to see off one of the glaring omissions on the Gale Force block - a tricky sit start to the undercut slabby arete - and called it Fiercely Mild, inspired by a Dylan Moran stand up rant.  It's probably somewhere around Font 6b/+, but I don't really know - I still fail on 5s and then do 7as.
Fiercely Mild on a frosty January morning.

I managed to cajole Sarah to go up to Moy for some sunny winter sport action yesterday and decided to open an account on The Seer.  As a local 7b it's something I felt I should really be trying, so had at it, especially as it's a short steep slab.  Really enjoyable moves, tricky and sustained and makes use of a couple of teeny-tiny edges, which is always satisfying. Got to the stage of attempting to redpoint but failed on the crux span, then succumbed to the cold and the gloom.  With fresh fingers and a bit more familiarity it felt pretty do-able, so a return next weekend with the beta fresh in my memory is required.

Enjoying the process on The Seer
(Photo: Steve Crawford)
Or will it be time to head west for the projects out there?

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