Thursday, 3 March 2011

The Winter of Discontent

The Winter of Discontent - Laggan Bouldering from Gareth Marshall on Vimeo.

Over the winter I've been cobbling together one or two clips of some of the problems at Laggan 2 and have finally finished sticking them together in this wee film. It's a bit boring as films go but it's an attempt to illustrate what I've been up to, and hopefully to generate some interest and/or more traffic.

I've also put together a first draft PDF of the main scree field so get in touch if anyone would be interested in seeing it.



Chad said...

Nice little video, some of the problems look good, you'll have to show me them sometime! I "almost" get why you prefer bouldering to winter climbing and ski touring! Thanks for the crash at the weekend, was a great weekend all in all, Lochnagar was stunning and I recommend the late start - leaving yours at 9.30am!!

Fiend said...

Hi. I'd be interested to look at the topo, I presume Laggan is somewhere West of the A9 just south of Creag Dubh?? Stuff looks good, I'd be keen to explore sometime if the weather allows.

Email is fiendophobia [at] googlemail [dot] com , cheers.