Wednesday, 7 April 2010

The News

Welcome to the news. These are the headlines in the world of Softrock.

Striking While the Iron is Hot: Early season trad kicks off in the Highlands. Creag Dubh, Logie Head and Ardmair succumb, a bit.
Creag Dubh's Great Wall
(Photo: Steve Crawford)
Steve on Cullenary Delight at Logie. (Photo: Steve Crawford)
Bird Bothering Continues: A new contract for yours truly sees me up at dawn once again in search of sex-hungry grouse.

Road To Domestos: Our intrepid correspondent gets a thorough going-over by this bizarrely named boulder problem at Scatwell.
Richie's small flapper. He's so strong he snaps rocks with his fingers, but they get their own back.
(Photo: Steve Crawford)

The Home Front: A new house in Aviemore for myself and Jones. How will she cope with my smelly climbing shoes?

(Photo: Steve Crawford)

Stac Pollaidh Conquered: A quick run up the castellated Coigach peak is the perfect tonic for bloodied post-Ardmair-climb limbs.

(Photo: Sarah Jones)

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