Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Back to the grind

Eventually I got back to Fort William.
The last few days in the Scotia were coolio. Got in a days bouldering at Herring Cove which was tres bonne. Gotta love the granite, even if it doesn't love your skin. A beautiful spot too and pretty nice to have some quiet time to myself after the preceeding carnage. On thursday night I met up with some of the girls from the wedding in Halifax. Corinne, Danielle and Kate took me out on the pop again which was real good and a nice end to the trip. I had a chance to sample the delights of Donair (not Doner) and Poutine, both delectable late night comestibles. Mmm mmm.
After lots of waiting around all over the place I got back to Fort William yesterday morn having spent a night in Edinburgh with Jones and another in Glasgow at my big bro's.
So, back to work and all the usual. SNH contracts, training courses, coffee, research proposals, cheese and pickle sandwhiches. Basically it's the dream.
Yesterday was a peach, weather-wise, so I took myself on a run up Cow Hill behind the house. Its a nice wee run and looks out on the Ben the whole way out. Felt like a man that had spent the last two weeks on his arse drinking Alexander Keiths Indian Pale Ale but pulled through. I'm pretty stoked for a couple of months of hard graft so that Duncan and I can have a blast in the OMM (are you reading Dunc?).
The weather was gash today so I couldn't get down the Glen as hoped. I'm getting seriously itchy fingers for some rock routes, it's been soooo long since I lead anything that actually tested me. Oh well, hopefully it'll be an indian summer.....
Jones is coming up this weekend and we hope to get up to the North West for summat. Fingers crossed for dry rock, otherwise it'll be walking and running and partying with the UCI Mountain Bike World Champs in Fort William.
Sorry about the recent lack of photos but my computer won't connect to the wireless connection (even though it says it is) so I'm writing this from my house-mates comp.
I've put a load of wedding/drunk pics on my facebook page if you can see them and fancy that.
Lots of love.......

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