Tuesday, 10 July 2007

#11: SLMM, Bravo!

The Saunders Lakeland Mountain Marathon this weekend was actually very pleasant. Certainly not a word usually associated with such events. This year's event was in the Eastern Lakes, starting in Patterdale, over High Street to Haweswater, then back again via Martindale. Jones and I managed a respectable 24th in our course, out of 121 starting teams. Pretty good going since it was Jones' first event and she had a stinking cold. We were in the Harter Fell course, which is one of the easiest with about 35km and 1500m of climbing over two days. The weather was pretty good - a bit cloudy and wet on Saturday morning, but otherwise clear, blue and hot, making for fast movement and very little navigation. I have to admit that I was a bastard to Jones. The red mist came down and I wanted to get going fast, so there were a few times when poor Jones was suffering, but I think she has just about forgiven me.

Jones' dad Ian and brother Chris were running in the Carrock Fell course and came in 30th out of 97 starters, so good work to them. Here are the two teams before the start on day 1 (we had a long time until we were off, hence the special boots and general high fashion):
Because our days were short we ended up spending lots of time sunbathing at the overnight camp and then back at the event centre with our Wilfs meal - those of you that have done any of these events will know what that means. Hot dang, that bean stew is the shit. So overall, very pleasant and a good way to keep the mountain marathon skills ticking over for the OMM.

Anyhoo, on to other breaking news, I have a car. A T-reg Fiat Bravo with only 63000 on the clock. Just got back from taxing it. Oh yes. It be mine. That will certainly make living in Fort William easier, especially getting back down to Edinburgh to see the Jones. I think I might have to take it on a wee bouldering trip this arvo.
Well, thats about it for the noo. Keep it real y'all.

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