Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Soft Rock #1

Well, once more into the fray.

Blogging, I never thought I'd get into this sort of thing. Kind of weired keeping a diary, especially one that millions of people can see, though I doubt they actually will. Never been one for the band waggon but it would seem I'm here.

Anyhoo, the why, who and where:

I'm Gaz. I live in Edinburgh. I graduated in Ecology last year here and have refused to go home since. Home is in Somerset, with ma and pa and three wee mange-ridden currs. I currently live in the most beautiful flat in Marchmont, overlooking the Meadows and the castle. And Sam, my landlord doesn't seem too bothered about the whole rent issue. Its been about 9 months and he still doesn't mind. Thats cool, cos if he did I wouldn't be here.

My very meagre crust is earned round the corner in Edinburgh's (and Scotland's) premiere wine merchant: Peter Green & Co. It was going to be a stop-gap while I applied for proper work in the environmental/conservation sector, but has ended up more permanent than I had hoped. Saying that, I have an interview next week with Lochaber Native Woodlands, a forestry consultancy, so with luck all might change.

Working four days a week means I get to spend the rest of my time doing what I love most: any and all that upwards be. I'm a climber. Rock, ice, snow, mixed, trad, sport, bouldering, outcrops, mountains, quarries. All are fine with me. I get out as much as I can, and living in the burg is great because as long as you have a car you can get to some of britains best climbing within a couple of hours. I don't have a car, but many do! I won't pretend that I'm amazing at climbing, but I aspire to be!

In fact the last few months have been awesome for me.

The Scottish Winter season was pretty crap for most crags, but if you didn't mind walking up the Ben twice a week every week there was lots to be had. I finally got round to doing some of the classic Vs: The Point, Smiths, Zero, Orion Direct, Indicator Wall. Good times.

When the ice started to get thin and the sun started to shine I decided that my winter was done, and on the March 31st/April1st weekend, after 4 brilliant routes I hung up the tools for another year and concentrated on rock. The very next day I sent the Black Wall Traverse - a polished nemesis up a Salisbury Crags which I had tried on and off for three years. The rock season couldn't have started any better. Since then I've got something done most weeks, including:

Three days on the grit - Burbage North, the Roaches, Brimham.

A day raid to Gimmer.

Working Fogtown at North Berwick.

Climbing on Cir Mhor - Arran.

Climbing Pushover on Stac an Faraidh

Climbing a wet VDiff on the Cobbler

Lots of cragging trips to the County

Climbing in the scenic Rosyth Quarry.

Also I'm pretty pleased because last night I did my project at the Crags - a traverse circuit that took ages to put together. A bit dissapointing really cos it felt easy.

Anyhoo, I'd better get to work. Off to Bowden tonight with Chris, Steev and Jones so hopefully I'll get some badass sandstone action.

I'll workm out how to credit the photos but the 1st is by Chris Edwards and the 2nd is by Chris Craggs (yes THE Chris Craggs)

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